Fun Coffee Cup Sayings

A big hit at the craft fairs that I sell at are my mugs. I research funny mug sayings that I can create myself in design space, then create the mugs to sell. Below I will share my list with you. You can purchase any of the SVG files that I create and sell here on my blog.

I have a cricut explore air and I love it. I know they have the new cricut maker out, but I don’t really see a need for it at this time. You can purchase a cricut machine on Amazon for cheaper than going to the store. Also if you have Amazon Prime they will ship it to you for free plus only 2 day shipping

I also purchase a lot of my supplies, including the white blank coffee mugs on Amazon, they come in an assortment of colors and sizes, but I stick to plain white and I also purchase my oracal 651 permenant vinyl on there as well..

  1. I’ll Start Working When My Coffee Does
  2. I Can’t Adult Today
  3. Goals Today: Keep the Tiny Humans Alive
  4. No Coffee, No Workee
  5. Its Too Peopley Outside
  6. Watch me Whip
  7. Crazy Chicken Lady
  8. First I drink coffee…then I do things
  9. Blow Me…I’m Hot
  10. My brain has too many tabs open

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