Cricut Essentials

Here are a few items I think everyone should make sure they have when using a Cricut Machine:

  • Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle Beginner Guide, Tool Kit, Vinyl Pack, Designs and Project Inspiration
  • Extra Mats (in different sizes and stickiness) listed below
  • Cricut Tools Craft Basic Set – this includes scissors, scraper, tweezers, and spatula…all of which are VERY helpful
  • Extra Blades
  • Vinyl (multiple colors)
  • HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)
  • Transfer tape (I love using craftables brand)
  • The pink mat is specifically designed for the Cricut Maker and is to be used with fabric.
  • The blue is for materials that stick rather easily and won’t slide around.
  • The purple is for thicker materials that have a harder time staying put (such as balsa wood, chipboard, etc.)

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