How To Make A T-Shirt With A Cricut Machine and Heat Transfer Vinyl- DIY Tutorial

In this video I’ll show you, step by step, how to create your own custom t-shirt with a Cricut machine and heat transfer vinyl! HTV is so much fun to work with, but it is expensive, so you want to waste as little as possible, but the possibilities are endless once you learn how to create and apply. For step by step instructions you can watch my youtube video.

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Some of the supplies I used you can purchase on Amazon:

Things you’ll need:

1. Cricut Explore

2. Cricut mats- standard and adhesive

3. Transfer Vinyl

4. Transfer Tape

5. Fonts

Step 1: Select Your Design.
Log into Design Space and select your design. I pulled out my design from My Projects.I had created my design on Canva.
Step 2: Customize Your Design.
Figure out how much space you have on the t-shirt and adjust the size of the design accordingly. Click the unlock button and enter the dimensions you need. You can also use the green floral icon to stretch the design.
Step 3: Click on the Make It Button.
Before clicking on the Make it Button, please check if the parts of your design are attached. If not, click on the attach button towards the right bottom of the screen.
Step 4: Mirror the Image.
It is extremely important to turn on the Mirror Button for any heat transfer projects. Otherwise, you’ll get the design all wrong!
Step 5: Cut and Weed the Design.
Step 6: Prepare to Get the Design on the T-shirt.
Preheat the iron and run it over the t-shirt to smoothen out any crinkles.
Step 7: Get the Design Onto the T-shirt.
Place the design on the t-shirt. Check the alignment of the design. Is there equal space on both sides? Have you placed it straight enough? Next get the iron onto the design. Since our aim is to get the heat to the design, we’ll need to press onto it. So, place the iron in one spot and press it down hard for about 10-15 seconds. Then move on to the next spot. Be sure to run over the entire design well.
Step 8: And That’s What It Finally Looks Like!

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