How to Create Your Own Custom T-shirts Using Cricut

That’s how our Homestead logo looks on my husband’s t-shirt

This is a fun tutorial about how to create your own custom t-shirts using Cricut. It is easier than you think and very addictive! You can watch the entire video here. You can also access the detailed step by step tutorial here.

Here’s what you’ll need: (links provided)

Some of the supplies I used you can purchase on Amazon

Cricut Standard Grip Mat, 12″x12″, 2 Mats

Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Cricut Tools, XL Scraper

Cricut 12-by-12 Adhesive Cutting Mat

Heat Press

The main steps include:

  1. Selecting your design
  2. Printing it
  3. Getting the design and t-shirt ready
  4. Transferring the design onto the t-shirt

Then go ahead and flaunt it. We made t-shirts for our triplets’ vlog and some for our homestead and are already looking for excuses to make more!

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