Silhouette Portrait

Stars: /5 Overview: The Silhouette Portrait is possibly the best portable die cut machine on the market. It’s portable, weighing only 3.5lbs, but cuts and draws as equally well as the Silhouette Cameo with 210 grams of force. The machine uses a 8″ x 12″ cutting mat and can cut up to 10 feet in Read more about Silhouette Portrait[…]

Cricut Mini

Cuts up to 8.5-by-12-inch paper and other materials. Cut small shapes and fonts from 1/4-inch to larger cuts up to 11-1/2-inch.
Extremely precise and detailed cutting capability.
Requires a standard internet connection via a laptop or desktop computer, or to be connected to Cricut gypsy.
New, quiet cutting technology.
Small, portable, and lightweight for ultra space savings.